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King's College, founded by Henry VI in 1441, has always been determined to preserve and transmit knowledge of the fine arts and letters, as well as promote research to make new discoveries in the fields of science.

The infrastructure of King's College itself, most notably the world-famous Chapel, is a triumph of architecture and acoustics. Choral services have taken place since the the beginning of the College and are still a daily fixture to this very day, enjoyed by both locals and foreigners alike.

Even though it is one of the oldest teaching institutions in the world, it has been actually ahead of its time, specially when it comes to its student body, being one of the first to openly accept women, and applicants from backgrounds other than the traditional ones. This policy has done nothing but enrich the city of Cambridge and the world at large. Proof of this is the fact that many recognized and accomplished individuals have passed through the doors of the College, included but not limited to

E M Forster (novelist), John Maynard Keynes (economist), Alan Turing (mathematician), Frederick Sanger (biochemist), Zadie Smith (novelist), Salman Rushdie (author of the Satanic Verses), Robert Tear (tenor and conductor), Patrick Blackett (physicist), Sydney Brenner (biologist), Tam Dalyell (politician), Eric Hobsbawm (historian), Frank Kermode (literary critic), David Baddiel (comedian), John Bird (actor) and John Fortune (writer and actor).

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