Beating The Casino at Blackjack

Whether you’re playing online or you’re at a real casino blackjack is without a doubt one of the most popular card games you’ll find. Its not unusual to see the tables all full up with punters trying to double their original stake. However what you’ll notice is that quite a lot of these people are just there for the fun and don’t want to play it seriously, but we at Kings Friends think why on earth would you want to waste money at a casino just for fun, after all with a bit of reading you could actually become quite good and then you will be combining having fun & winning money to guarantee you a good time at an online or land based casino.

There are a few basics with blackjack that anyone who wants to win money needs to understand, first up if you land two of the same card then the majority of the time you should split, yes this will double you’re bet but it also gives you the chance to win twice as much. However we do advise against this when you’ve got two 10’s you should always stay on this hand, as there is only one hand better than this and its more than likely your dealer hasn’t got it.

Another one of our tips is to always take the casino bonus when playing at online casino, sure you should check out the terms and conditions first but if you find them agreeable the extra cash in your bankroll can really help give you that boost in a casino to win a lot of money, after all you wont win big betting small, you need to amp up the value of every bet to really make the most out of it. Thats why we recommend taking the this incredible casino bonus, all you need to do for £1000 is use a betfred promo code this will certainly give you a good start especially if you deposit the full amount for a whopping £1000!

Stay tuned for more information and tips on how to better your experience at an online casino.

Logical Blackjack Strategies


When it comes to blackjack there is more than just the mathematical strategies, they’ve also got ones that are logical strategies. An example of two of these are when you double up and when you split these are both very common moves in blackjack.

A split is when you divide your hand in two during a game however this is only possible when you have two of the same card during your first hand an example of this is when you have two picture cards which total 10, this then allows you to split and then double your chances as you can win twice if you’re lucky. However this also means that you’d have to double your bet as well.

There are a few situations where splitting is the best move I’ll list them now for you:

1. When you get two aces you should always split as the potential possibility of landing two different winning hands as all you need is a 10 and you’ve got blackjack.

2. If your hand has two 8’s in it you should always split this is due to 16 being a very sticky number to play as it gives you a very high chance of going bust and also it makes it a very easy hand for the dealer to beat you with.

Then there are certain hands that you should never split on:

1. If you’ve got two 10’s you should never ever split on this hand, this is without a doubt one of the stupidest thing that you can actually do as you’ve essentially got a winning hand right there.

A second strategy to use is the double up strategy, this strategy should only ever be used when you’ve got a set of cards that total 10 or 11 and no less as this will allow you to double your bet and your winnings but the dealer will only provide you with one more card if you combine this with a card counting strategy you should only double up if the amount totalled so far is very high.