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People may ask themselves, why support King's College? After all it is a prestigious and famous learning institution. And that is precisely the point, if it has achieved such a status and reputation, it has done so through public support. There are three things that distinguish the College, but that actually belong to everybody, the quality of its education, the Chapel, and the choir that it houses.

It is no secret that there is a global recession going on, which has also affected the College. In spite of that, the College is resolved to continue providing the same educational opportunities as it has always offered, especially to students from non traditional backgrounds. This institution is far from putting an ordinary monetary value to an extraordinary education, but the truth is that money is indeed needed to give students the very best materials and resources, without which their abilities would not be as exploited as they could be.

If knowledge is the soul of King's college, then the Chapel would be its heart, and the choir the pulsating beat of that heart. The Chapel is five centuries old though, and its maintenance a delicate, not to say expensive, endeavour.

By becoming a King's Friend, people are able to help preserve the legacy of an institution that has always striven to give back to the community, without expecting anything in return. Now, however, comes the time when that same community can show its appreciation to a place that embodies it very best qualities.

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