History of Kings' Evolution

King’s College London is a prestigious university in the UK that has been the doorstep for thousands of young, intelligent and interesting people into the real world. It is a public institution based on research and was established in 1829 allowing an impressive number of individuals to prepare for society and its hardships.

The history of this institution begins with the formerly named London University, which became University College London. A secular institution, UCL was not to the liking of many at its time and as a result King’s College was founded in order to compete with it. Several debates sparked between the heads and followers of the two universities and a duel was fought between the first Duke of Wellington and George Finch-Hatton, Earl of Winchilsea. The duel consisted of a gunfight in which both sides deliberately missed each other.

When the college opened in 1831 is had only a few basic disciplines that did not allow variety among students, many of who were interested in studying for other degrees. As time passed King’s expanded its courses and governors, which allowed it to grow and be of interest for more and more students.

As time passed the institution was granted the power of awarding degrees through the University of London and students were no longer restricted only to sons of wealthy Anglicans. The working class was now able to attend, as well as women and even evening classes were available for those who desired a higher education.

The 1900s became a time for King’s to associate with other institutions like Queen Elizabeth College, the Institute of Psychiatry or the Chelsea College of Science and Technology and United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals.

In 2007 King’s College London was granted the ability to release degrees for students under its name, being released of the necessity to include the University of London on the diploma. It is now one of the top universities in Europe and the world.

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