What a Friend of London King College is

King’s College London has come a long way in the many years since it was founded. It has done so by the continual innovation and the chances offered to so many young minds that have crossed its path through the years. But KLC could only become what it is today with the continual support of friends who have helped in many ways.

‘King’s Friends’ has become a name that denotes the devotion of many who have helped this institution who receive joy from being a part of its well-being and evolution. A website is also devoted to Friends of King’s London College where people can access and see all the good and hard work is put into KLC by everyone.

Being a Friend of King’s is a task and an honor that quite a few individuals have come to be familiar with for quite a while now. As a public institution KLC manages to offer the same facilities and benefits as any private institution that would require more of a financial involvement on the students’ part. And this is done with the help of King’s friends.

These friends to KLC are either students who have graduated, parents of current students, important figures in entertainment or politics or any individual with the desire and ability to make donations. The total amount raised from donations goes to improving the quality of education and the living and teaching facilities at King’s, as well as the organization of events.

King’s Friends don’t just help financially, but also get involved in activities in the university or organized by it. So time is the resource offered in such cases, which is as appreciated by the staff and students as much as any transaction.

Over the many years of King’s existence there have been even more people interested in the well-being of KLC, the quality of education and the continual standing in the ranks of higher education institutions. King’s Friends are the people who are responsible for that.

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